MedRespond is an online healthcare communications company that combines artificial intelligence, search and streaming media so that health care enterprises can provide interactive, personalized, relevant and inexpensive communication solutions for their customers, patients, and clients – and health care training solutions for their personnel.



How are MedRespond products being used to improve health care? 

  • Advocacy groups use MedRespond to advise their constituencies on recovery innovations.
  • Health-care educators use MedRespond to provide nutrition and diet coaching to adults and children.
  • Retailers use MedRespond to improve adherence to prescriptions.
  • Professional associations use MedRespond to expand their continuing education offerings.
  • Individual consumers use MedRespond get answers to questions on health care, medication and diet.

“MedRespond’s surgery program was very helpful to my family – my daughter was able to organize the entire family around my recovery so that I would always have someone around to help me.”
— Medrespond patient

What We've Achieved

MedRespond communication and training solutions are popular with health care administrators because they help manage customer care expenses. MedRespond’s popular with health care professionals because their patients get information they need to better participate in their own healthcare. Retailers benefit from MedRespond by improving customer adherence to prescription and health care regimens. And consumers/patients love our communication solutions because – finally – there is someone to talk to when they need information.