I Just Want Someone to Talk To!

Health care instructions are complicated and difficult to follow. Website FAQ’s rarely hit the mark. And let’s not get started on the maze of 800-number options that make getting information frustrating – if not impossible.

MedRespond believes that relevant, timely information – delivered in a personal, interactive and cost-effective manner – is a priority for those health care enterprises seeking to optimize patient and consumer care. That’s why health care enterprises – ranging from pharmaceutical companies to managed care organizations to retailers – use MedRespond products to manage communication while optimizing patient care and satisfaction.

How does MedRespond do this? We combine artificial intelligence, search and streaming media to create communication programs that simulate personal and relevant dialogue between patient/customer and health care professionals. What this means is that health care organizations can provide personal and interactive answers to their patients / client’s questions ….anytime / anywhere.

Sound complicated? It’s not. Take a look at these examples and let us know what you think. We will look forward to receiving your feedback at mycomments@medrespond.com

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