Case studies 


Fit For Surgery

Fit for Surgery™ is a limited access Conversational Patient Engagement System created for the Allegheny Health Network. During pre-surgery physician visits, persons scheduled for cardiac surgery are given an access code to view Fit for Surgery prior to their scheduled surgery. The program reinforces the information provided to them by their cardiac team about how to prepare for surgery, what to expect the day of surgery and during their recovery. Sharing of access codes by the patient allows family and caregivers to learn about surgery and recovery, while preserving patient confidentiality.

Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment

MedRespond has one and three hour training programs for Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment. Continuing Nursing Education, Continuing Medical Education, Continuing Social Work credits are available. SBIRTCoach™ and AlcoholSBIRT™ are licensed individually or on an enterprise basis. The Synthetic Interview® technology can be applied to existing curriculum to convert it from didactic to truly interactive.

MMG Custom Conversations

MedRespond is a strategic partner with MMG, a full-service global health communications company specializing in clinical trial patient recruitment and retention.   Our “Custom Conversations” represent a  technological advancement in clinical-trial patient education.  Each Custom Conversation is tailored to the medication under investigation.  Access is limited to protect patient confidentiality.

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