The Pioneer in Conversational℠ Patient Engagement Systems

Unprecedented Patient Engagement

“Fit for Surgery enabled my recovery – I recovered much faster and was active much sooner.”

“The MedRespond program took away my fears; I felt like someone was always there.”

“In knowing what to expect, I wasn’t nervous about my surgery.”

“MedRespond’s surgery program was very helpful to my family – my daughter was able to organize the entire family around my recovery so that I would always have someone around to help me.”


Patients Ask Questions

Real Time Answers 24/7.

Provide Important Reminders

“Have you scheduled your preoperative testing?”

Patient Centric

Patients guide themselves toward questions that interest them most.


Patients Hear from Peers

“How does sleep affect recovery?”

Collect Vital Information

“When were you diagnosed?”

Analytics Dashboard

Closely monitor what patients are asking in real time.


Guided Learning

View related questions and content along the way.


Prepare and Comfort Patients

“Recovery from Surgery Information”